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This page contains a list of books to assist you and your child in choosing literature appropriate to his/her reading level.  Use the characteristics of each level to find which books will best fit your child’s needs.

Emergent Readers


      consistent placement of print

      repetition of 1-2 sentence patterns (1-2 word changes)

      oral language structures

      familiar objects and actions illustrations provide high support

Some examples of books that are suitable for this level include:

Aruego, Jose                Look What I Can Do  (Macmillan, Scribner)

Cameron, Alice              The Cat Sat on the Mat Houghton Mifflin Company 1994

Carle, Eric                    Do You Want To Be My Friend?  Harper Collins Publishers
                                    Have You Seen My Cat?  Scholastic

Greene, Inez                My Puppy  GoodYearBooks, A Division of Harper Collins Publishers

Grejniec, Michael        What Do You Like? North-South Books, NY  1992

Hoban, Tana                Count and See

Hutchins, Pat              1 Hunter  Mulberry Books, New York  1982

Lillie, Patricia             Everything Has A Place  Greenwillow Books, NY  1993

Martin, Bill Jr.           Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Henry Holt and Company, Ny  (1967)  1992

Mayer, Mercer           Oops

McMillan, Bruce         Growing Colors  Mulberry Books, New York  1988

Minarik, Eric              It's Spring

Sawicki, Norma Jean    The Little Red House

Steptoe                       Baby Says

Tafuri, Nancy             Have You Seen My Duckling?  Mulberry Books, NY  1984
                                   Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails  Morrow (Greenwillow)
                                   Who's Counting?

Wildsmith, Brian        All Fall Down                                   


Beginning Readers


      repetition of 2-3 sentence pattern (phrases may change)  

      opening, closing sentences vary or, varied simple sentence patterns

      predominantly oral language structures

      many familiar objects and actions

      illustrations provide moderate-high support

Some examples of books that are suitable for this stage include:

Aruego, Jose                  Five Little Ducks  (Raffi Songs to Read) 

Beck, Ian                        Five Little Ducks  Trumpet Books  1992

Berenstain, Stan/Jan     Bears In The Night  Random House
                                      Bears On Wheels  Random House
                                      Inside, Outside, Upside Down  Random House

Browne, Anthony           Things I Like 

Burningham, John          The School

Campbell, Rod                Henry's Busy Day

Carter, David A.            How Many Bugs In A Box? 
                                     In A Dark, Dark Wood 

Crews, Donald               School Bus 

Green                           Rain! Rain!

Greenfield, Eloise         Big Friend, Little Friend

Hillert                          Three Bears

McCracken                    What Can You Hear?
                                      Little Boy and the Balloon Man
                                      What Do You Do?
                                      Farmer and the Skunk

McDonnell, Flora            I Love Animals  Candlewick Press  1994

Mueller, Virginia            Monster And The Baby 
                                     Monster Can’t Sleep 

Namm, Diane                 Little Bear  (My First Reader) 
                                     Monsters!  (My First Reader) 

Packard, Mary              My Messy Room 

Parkinson, Kathy          The Farmer in the Dell

Seuss, Dr                     Foot Book

Stobbs, William           One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Adams                          This Old Man

Alborough, Jez             Hide-And-Seek 

Asch, Frank                  Just Like Daddy 

Blocksma, Mary            Apple Tree!  Apple Tree! 

Brandenberg, Franz     I Wish I Was Sick, Too!  Mulberry Books  (1976)  1990

Brown, Ruth                 A Dark Dark Tale 

Burningham, John        The Snow 

Campbell, Rod               Dear Zoo

Hunia, Fran                   Billy Goats Gruff 

Mayer, Mercer            Little Critter’s These Are My Pets 

McKissack, Patricia & Fredrick       The Little Red Hen                                                           

Ziefert, Harriet         Harry Takes A Bath 
                                 Here Comes A Bus 
                                 Jason’s Bus Ride 
                                 Mike and Tony:  Best Friends 
                                 A New House For Mole And Mouse 
                                 Nicky Upstairs And Down 
                                 Thank You, Nicky! 

Aliki                           We Are Best Friends 
                                  Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 
                                  The Three Bears 

Berenstain, Stan & Jan     Old Hat New Hat 

Brown, Margaret Wise     Goodnight Moon 

Carle, Eric                       The Very Busy Spider 

Carlson, Nancy                 I Like Me! 

Eastman, P.D.                  Are You My Mother? 
                                       Big Dog, Little Dog 

Freeman, Don                  A Rainbow Of My Own 

Kovalski, Maryann         The Wheels On The Bus  Little, Brown & Company  1987

Stinson, Kathy         Big or Little?  Annick Press LTD  1982
                              Red Is Best  Annick Press LTD  1982

Ziefert, Harriet        A Car Trip For Mole And Mouse  Viking  1991
                                 A Clean House For Mole And Mouse  Scholastic  1988

 Fluent Readers


       elaborated episodes and events

       extended descriptions

       links to familiar stories

       literary language

       unusual, challenging vocabulary

       illustrations provide low support

Allard, Harry                               Miss Nelson is Missing 

Allen, Pamela                               Who Sank The Boat?  Coward-McCann, Inc.  1982

Berenstain, Stan & Jan               Bears’ Picnic
                                                   Berenstain Bears & The Missing . . .

Carle, Eric                                  The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Cutts, David                               The House That Jack Built 

Galdone, Paul                               The Gingerbread Boy 
                                                    Little Red Hen 
                                                    Over In The Meadow 

Hutchins, Pat                              Clocks And More Clocks 

                                                   The Doorbell Rang 

Jonas, Ann                                  The Quilt  Morrow (Greenwillow)

Mayer, Mercer                            I Was So Mad 
                                                   There’s Something In My Attic 
                                                   There’s An Alligator Under My Bed 

McGovern, Ann                            Too Much Noise 

Most, Bernard                              If The Dinosaurs Came Back 

Sendak, Maurice                          Where The Wild Things Are 

Seuss, Dr.                                    Cat In The Hat 



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