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Mrs. Khan's Grade 2

My Educational Philosophy

Teach to fish

Entering the educational profession I bring with me one objective. Having my students feel proud of who the are is the core of my personal philosophy. To to do this I plan on exposing the students to the expression of out own individual strengths as well as weaknesses, in turn, developing greater self-esteem and compassion for others. My overall classroom environment will be accommodating and encourage the expression of thought. I will emphasize the benefits of discussion in the creation of good listening skills, allowing elements of respect shine through. The students will be encouraged to explore their own unique interests and talents in my classroom and be comfortable sharing themselves with fellow classmates. I will model that true success is learning from one's mistakes as success does not exist without failure. 

    The most effective teaching strategy is that of learning by experience. The epicenter of my strategy for effective instruction is active learning. I plan to teach the content areas in a way that will stimulate and reflect a child's natural desire to learn. I feel that it is my job to be a resource of experiences for the children I will serve. I hope to provide a well-rounded curriculum and foster their development of learning and thinking skills which they will apply in real life not just in their content areas. I feel a teacher should be a guide and help to expand and develop a child's interests. 

The following are promises I am making to ensure my commitment as an educator. 

  1. I will work to uncover the maximum potential of all my students. Looking at the child as a whole and not just what is lacking. 
  2. I will help to instill in my students values of a good work ethic, focus and intrinsic motivation. 
  3. I will help them to think critically and internalize their goals. 
  4. I will spark their fascination with life.
  5. I will help them to understand that success does not exist without failure. 

Finally, I have high education and life expectations for myself therefore I will keep them high for my students as well.