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Mrs. Khan's Grade 2


Student Expectations:

1.  Get in your seat when the bell rings.             

2. Wait your turn when you need assistance.

3. Clean your tables or work areas when finished.

4. Respect the materials and equipment.

5. Participate in class activities with a positive attitude and effort.

6. Keep all four chair legs on the floor at all times.

7. Keep your feet off of chairs and tables.

8. Any minor or major disturbances that interfere with other students learning or with me teaching will not be permitted.


1. Warning

2. Warning

3. A note sent home to be signed and returned the next day; you will serve a detention if the note is not returned the next day.

4. After school detentions


1. Free time at the end of the project

2. Pop day (For those whom have all projects turned in)

3. Snack day