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Studying Cisco Networks
Useful Links


Cisco Network Management Applications:

Suite of products designed to simplify management of a consolidated SNA and IP network.
Suite of integrated network management tools designed to simplify the administration and maintenance of small-to-medium-sized business networks or workgroups. 
A family of products based on Internet standards for managing Cisco enterprise networks and devices.  It includes Resource Mnager Essentials and CWSI Campus.  It runs on UNIX or Windows NT.
GUI-based device-management software application that provides dynamic status, statistics, and comprehensive configuration information for Cisco devices.  It graphically displays a real-time physical view of Cisco devices.
Microsoft Windows application used to configure a small network of Cisco rotuers, switches, hubs, and other network devices using a single PC, without requiring knowledge of Cisco IOS.
Software tool that simplifies the set up, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco routers for home and small offices.  Can be used to configure Cisco 700, 800, 1600 routers and Cisco 2610, 2509 and 2511 dial-up routers.

Commerical Tools:

SNMP Explorer

SNMP Explorer provides a tree view of your SNMP managable devices, provides a way to talk to or from the devices, provides a flexible log of transactions, and permits you to transact with the devices with simple yet powerful scripts.